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Dear Guest : Thank you very Much For Selecting a Ticket to one of our Events You Have reached the last Step! 

In the Next Page we will ask you fill the form  and to select a Payment Option Here are your different options : 

  • Stripe : If You want to use your Debit/ Credit Card both Local and International. 
  • Bank Transfer if you want to use a Banking App on your Smartphone to transfer the Amount to our Bank account. 
  • If you prefer to use an 3rd Party Website Such as Ticketmelon, Eventpop or Megatix you can go not their website and ignore the rest : we put all our events on their site. 

In Case you use the Stripe Payment platform with a Confirmed Payment you are done : see you at the Pier for Boarding (check which Pier ! We use different pier depending on South or North Cruise, Docked Event) where we will give you a Wristband for boarding and Potentially a welcome drink with it. 

In case you use the Bank Transfer Option Please send us a receipt to validate the booking.To Confirm the booking we prefer you reply to the booking in your e-mail with the receipt : it makes everything easier for us. Bank:

Please Transfer to : Siam Commercial Bank
Account name: Bangkok Island Co., LTD
AC No.186-230879-7 and Send receipt to  E-mail : 

If you send us the receipt with the E-mail you are also done no need to contact us see you at the pier.

After 24 Hours without payment we will consider the booking cancelled and will not accept payment for this particular booking.

Our Website doesn’t creates tickets just confirmation : so no need to contact us for confirmation If you paid you are good to go 🙂 

In case you would like to contact us you can do so via

  • E-mail
  • Phone 088 022 0666
  • Line Id @Bangkokisland
  •  Social Media (FB & IG & Twitter)
  • Our office is On Charan Sanit Wong number 80 near soi 40  ( at the overstay)