Terms and Conditions

We all want the events to happen is a fun way but we also need to set some basic rules to make sure everyone has a good time and that there is no argument needed.

For Ticketed Events

All Tickets purchased are Non Refundable, unless the event is cancelled or postponed. In which case do contact our admin service at bangkokislands@gmail.com and you will be refunded within a week.

In the event that the guest suffer from a serious Illness (Covid for example) and cannot enter the premises we will give store credit for the next event. Store Credit meaning that the old ticket is valid for a different cruise of their choosing as long as the ticket price is the same and that the event is organized by Bangkok island (not a rental)

For Rentals

For any events

Being overly drunk, verbally or physically abusive is not accepted on our premises. Guest who behave in such manner will be sent back to dock by our security without refund. We ask all guest to be mindful that they are on a boat and security is the most important thing.

Bangkok island is an adult space we do not accept guest under 20 years of age.

Break it : pay for it . Simple

Price for :

Glass : 50 Baht

Table : 1500 Baht

Music equipment: 2000-50000