Promoters and Agents

We can’t do it alone

Promoters are some of the core elements of the music business and are often forgotten, but we understand that it is much better to work with promoters in the long run than do everything ourselves. We therefore offer some facilities for our promoters to work in collaboration : Win – Win Scenario. 


Promoter doesn’t need to pay rent but receives a variable percentage of the tickets from 30% to 60 % depending on attendance. Promoter must pay for artists and promotion. 

Since there are 270 ticket available to be sold at an average of 600 Baht + Tables and VIP Room The max total ticket income is 300,000 THB so the Promoter can receive up to 60 %  so 180,000. 

The Venue collects Food and Drinks revenue for itself and a percentage of the Ticket depending on sales.

The venue Provide the boat with crew, diesel, staff, security, sound and lighting equipment, and all insurances and legal support. 

Tour Manager are more than welcome to let us know about their artists : it is a lot easier to work with tour managers than organize the tour ourselves. Do give us the heads up few months ahead though as building interest and organizing events for our boat take a long time. 

Independent artist we are also open to help you but do understand that we have at the moment 1 or 2 event per week and your dates may not match with the type of event we have going on that week. 

Labels we are excited about having the possibility to host an entire label’s night on Bangkok Island with our 2 stages and 2 sound system.