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How & Why would you use a boat for an event ?

Tropical Themed Boat : Bangkok Island
From 50 to 300 Guests Bangkok island is an Ideal Choice
The Vibe on BangkoK island Event and view
If you have a ver small party Long tail boat are fun and Cheap
There are several yacht to hire in bangkok
If you group is under 50 People a Yacht can be ideal.
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Choosing a Boat for your event is of course can be seemed an unconventional choice but it can be fun and rewarding. Here’s The How and The why to choose a boat in Bangkok for your event 

Lets Started with Why because its the Most common question :

Why choose a boat for your Event ?

Cost : Hiring a boat in Bangkok is quite a common thing from the Tourist on their Long tail to Luxury Boat there is a wide range of Boat available for all kind of wallets, but more interestingly Boat can be cheaper that hiring a Hotel Ball room. So if your event doesnt take the whole day there may be financial incentives to choose a boat.

Originality : Some events should be in a hotel, but some don’t : If you are planning an event for a Startup or and IT Company for example using a boat can be a good way to express that your company is forward thinking.

Public relation : Having your logo on a big Boat cruising down the river is a good way to stand out on social media.

How : Well depends mainly on the size of the group :

  • If you have a group smaller than 10 People we recommend using a long tail boat and bring one food & drinks with you. Starting at 2000 Baht an hour you can have a blast.
  • For Groups up to 40 people they are a few yacht in town that can accommodate you : Please Give us a call at 0846548401 for a free quotation
  • For Medium size boat from 50 to 300 Passengers Bangkok Island is the best choice :
  • For Really big Boat 500 and more there are just a few boats that can do it on the river so give us a call and we will send you a quote. Best is to send us an e-mail at


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