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How to get married for free on a boat ?

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  • How to get married for free on a boat

Getting married is one of most important part of someone’s life and historically a big life celebration. In the last decades numbers of people getting married is slowing down around the world: many factors can explain this: People are generally less religious and the financial burden has pushed many away from getting hitched.

At Bangkok Island we wanted to bring back weddings as a fun party: where you get to bring all your friends and celebrate the way You like it. Being in Thailand we have observed that the local culture is very supportive of people getting married and that it’s customary for guest to financially support the Bride and Groom with 500 to 2000 baht per guest. Many even come out of the wedding with more money than they started with.  We then thought what if People could “get married for free” on Bangkok Island . We could sell tickets for the weddings and spare the Happy couple the cost of an expensive wedding. We spent time calculating and have come down to 1500 Baht for an all you can Eat, Drink and Party package (Minimum 130 People) Included with fun DJ (request accepted of course).

We believe that since the cost is reasonable: 1500 baht all you can eat and drinks it is not a big ask for friends and people have fun as well : they get their money’s worth and fulfill they friendship “duties” in one go.

Of course the Soon-to-be married couple can decide to shoulder some of the responsibilities or even make it at BYOB and charge less even ! We are ready to hear on how to make your wedding an awesome night: just contact us and we will be there for you to guide you. We the owners of Bangkok Island hosted our wedding on the boat and had the best time.

Now the big question is do you want to get married on a boat ? Boats are romantic and fun since the view on the river keeps on changing on the week ends in High Season there is also many Fireworks to make it extra special.

Do you have the heart of a romantic sailor then getting married on the boat might be for you.

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