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Bangkok Island Thailand

The Bangkok Pillars business networking events are back and the first one will take place at Bangkok Island on the 30th of March!

The Bangkok Pillars events gather CEOs, Heads of Departments, Business owners, and Experts in their fields for a relaxed evening of networking. At each event, 20-30 Pillars from different industries join us and are available for discussion.

Below you will find the names of the Pillars who will be present at the event and available for discussion.

๐ŸคAlexandre Lorent (Your Host) โ€” Founder at Bangkok Pillars & Deputy Executive Director at the Belgian-Luxemburg/Thai Chamber of Commerce.
๐ŸคAanas Ali – Founder at Devcurate
๐ŸคAmarit Charoenphan – Angel Investor Advisor | Board Member | VC | ASEAN Director, Impact Collective | Techstars Community All-Stars
๐ŸคAmy Diener – Artist Dot Painter
๐ŸคArnaud derbaudrenghien – Managing Director at Katoen Natie
๐ŸคBernard Collin – CEO at Safecoms
๐ŸคChris Regel Partner – Head of business development at Morphosis
๐ŸคClovis Warlop – Head of automation at Central Group
๐ŸคDenise Underwood – Head of Marketing at Newlogic
๐ŸคDiane de Saint Chamaran – CMO/COO at Wasabih
๐Ÿคร‰tienne Rieuneau – Head of business development, head of connector unit at DFDL
๐ŸคFlorent Humeau – VP of operations at Red Planet hotels
๐ŸคFrank A.M. Clovyn | Senior VP Operations – Asia | Absolute Hotel Services | and CEO at HHH Procurement
๐ŸคGabriel Baptista – Deputy Head of Mission, Head of the Economic Section of the GRAND DUCHY OF LUXEMBOURG at Embassy in Bangkok
๐ŸคHarry Vuylsteke – Director Automotive Aftermarket, Southeast Asia at Schaeffler
๐ŸคHong (Yhok) SIrimart – Thai-French-Vietnamese model and actress
๐ŸคIsaac Khazi – CEO at Blockchainlabs
๐ŸคJacob Bogart – Human rights lawyer at UN WFP
๐ŸคJames wood – Co-Founder at VRG
๐ŸคJJ – Founder, CEO and Co-founder at Medrum and Z Logistics
๐ŸคJosh Decker – partner Wayfairer Travel
๐ŸคKaran Khanijou – Head of Investment for CP Future City
๐ŸคKris Steppe – Owner at Monkey Pod, Blue Elephant Bangkok & Phuket, and DJ
๐ŸคMaria Clancey – Licensed Career Coach – Design Your Life Accredited Coach (DYL) – Transition Coach
๐ŸคMarius Nicolini – Aquaculture Specialist at INVE
๐ŸคNasser Belalia – Economic and trade counsellor of Wallonia
๐ŸคPeter JC laird – Manager at Belga
๐ŸคPedro Moreno – Product Lead a Space Next Door
๐ŸคSavir Manchanda – Co-owner and Business Development Manager for M.C.L.P, a B2B business focusing on selling tactical goods and uniform accessories to the military and police market
๐ŸคTamara Lรฉger – International human right law expert at WWF
๐ŸคVadim Eremeev – Co-founder and CTO at GoWabi
๐ŸคYuval Schwok – Owner at Bangkok Island

+ FREE Entrance
+ Business meet up from 6:30pm

More about the Bangkok Pillars here : https://www.facebook.com/bangkokpillars/

Location : Bangkok Island

Event Location:

  • Bangkok Island Thailand

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