Event list

Upcoming Events on Bangkok Island

Bangkok Island is mainly a Music Venue with DJ happening on Top deck and Live music inside the boat. While we can and do corporate events ,weddings etc we mainly do music events. Here the list of the event we have already published

Our regular events on our Boat : When there is no special event this is our weekly plan

Senses is art day on Bangkok Island : Time to start the Week easy with Painting workshops, easy Music Electro and House. This is a free entry event happening on Top Deck

Space odyssey is our Weekly event for all things trippy on top deck. Djs and Beatmakers take turn to create unique sounds and songs. This is a free event on top Deck. 

Trampoline is one of our weekly event for Live Music : its is the occasion for upcoming bands to get A live Session video, and to hone their skills on a real stage with 200 people capacity. 

The Real Hip Hop Show is our weekly event for everything Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae or Latin. Its about having MCs and DJ all together and creating big vibes we all love. This is Paid event on Top Deck. 300 Baht including a drink.

Rock the boat is our weekly event for established and awesome bands : From Indie rock to Metal or Hardcore we love every style of live music and are happy to have such a great venue to give to the bands. 

Saturday we usually have cruises and usually Techno but it can change best to see the List on top for more information! 

Òne Love Sunday is our relaxing day on the boat and may have Market, workshop etc its just a nice day to chill on the boat and watch the sunset. Music is mixed but entry is Free.

Concerts, DJ Session, Live beat making We Love it All

We are Always excited about doing creative events and showcasing all the talent available in the city of Bangkok and beyond. We regularly have International booking and are happy to provide a great place for artists to perform.