Bangkok Island

What is Bangkok island

From a humble sand barge to state of the art event space and music venue : Bangkok Island is a shocker ! But with a dedicated team of event organizers, creatives and musicians we are creating THE venue that Bangkok has been lacking for so many years. With a 320 people capacity and top class sound system it will surely bring artists from all over the world.

First Cruise on December 1st 2018

Why Bangkok Island?

Islands have a sense of romantic isolation where strong connection are built. We are looking to take our guest not just on a concert or an exhibitions but onto a trip onto itself with amazing visuals and sounds. Bangkok for all it’s many attractions is slowy loosing its charm and we are here to bring back the magic.

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320 People Venue on 4 Levels

32 Meters long on 10 meter wide

One Open air area & One Live music stage & One Private room

4 Years to Build

Up Coming events

Goa Sunsplash Pre-Party : Bangkok

Bangkok Island Dec 14, 2019 ฿600 – ฿800

Goa sunsplash is year after year the Biggest Reggae festival in South Asia. Attracting top musicians and MCee from around the world […]

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